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F”öldes Feat. Freedah Soul
Added on Feb 3, 2016
By  Southside Recordings
Language Label Southside Recordings
Ref SOUTH054
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Swedish DJ and producer Földes has more than eight years of experience behind the decks. During that time, he’s made a name for himself in the Swedish club scene and honed his DJ skills. Now, he’s assembled all of his experience into his debut single “Sky”.

Földes’ debut is something out of the ordinary – a downtempo acid-inspired track, crafted together with the talented singer-songwriter and producer Freedah Soul. The song started out as an instrumental with a catchy synth riff, but found its true purpose after merging with Freedah Soul’s gutsy topline. With a retro bass line, hard hitting drum fills and vocals with attitude, this track will stay in your mind for a long time.

The release comes packed with two smashing remixes, showcasing both artists’ individual styles: A rhythmic, latin-inspired remix by Freedah Soul, and a high-energy, progressive house remix by Földes.

The Sky's the limit.
Track Title Names Mix Duration Bpm Bitrate
1 Sky(Original Mix)3:50 108320 kbps
2 Sky(Freedah Soul Loca Remix)3:14 108320 kbps
3 Sky(Földes Remix)5:16 128320 kbps
4 Sky(Földes Remix Edit)3:14 128.2320 kbps