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At Midnight
At Midnight
Added on Feb 3, 2016
By  Southside Recordings
Language Label Southside Recordings
Ref SOUTH056
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By now, you most likely know Gaspar and their killer recipe of funky house! Gaspar consist of 2 djs/producers located in Thessaloniki, Greece, DJ Kid Stretch & 70th Floor. If the economy in Greece would be as good as Gaspars music, we would probably be asking Greece for a loan.

Gaspar - At Midnight is a masterpiece that won't disappoint you. Its bongo clashing rhythmic sounds, inspired by the organic house sound, makes it impossible to keep your hips from moving. At Midnight is somehow simple but still amazing with the funky bassline-hook combined with the 'wah wah' guitar and a well laid vocal. This track brings us back to the 70's discos, FLOWER-POWER BABY, MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!!!
Track Title Names Mix Duration Bpm Bitrate
1 At Midnight(Original Mix)6:52 128320 kbps
2 At Midnight(Instrumental Mix)6:52 128320 kbps
3 At Midnight(Instrumental Radio Mix)3:35 128320 kbps
4 At Midnight(Radio Edit)3:35 128320 kbps