Updated 20:38 UTC - Thursday, October 17, 2019

"Djette" is a word created and invented by Armand Falco. In January 2006, "Djette" became a registered trademark.

Djette's website was founded and incorpored by Armand Falco in January 2006. Armand Falco, serves as CEO and President of the company.

Our brand and logos are protected and deposited in three official agencies throughout the world, acting for intellectual property, patent and trademark.

INPI - OHIM - USPTO (3539557 - 3466787 - 20134698 - 012277802 - 002378422-0001 - 002378422-0002 - 002378422-0003 - 002378422-0004).

Djette’s marks include, but are not limited to, the Djette name and logo.

Djette’s marks include, any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Djette’s products.

Do not modify or alter the Djette marks or use them in a confusing way.

Do not use the Djette marks, who suggest sponsorship or endorsement by Djette, or in a way that confuses Djette with another brand.

Using the Djette brand and trademarks : If you’d like to make any use of our Djette marks, you must contact us at djette.com

© ® Djette - unauthorized to use, copy, give, share, sell, without prior agreement.

We have more than 30 domain names with our brand.

We are owner and we control many domain names like (include, but are not limited to) : djette.com ; djette.co ; djette.eu ; djette.net ; djette.org ; djette.fr ; djette.it ; djette.be ; ...

Like some users of eBay, who are called Ebayers or like some employees of Google, who are called Googlers, some members of the Djette network, more precisely the Female Djs, like to be called Djette. It's a way for them, to feel closer to the company, and to affirm their commitment, respect and friendship to the brand. Nevertheless this is not official.

To discover how the word "Djette" is pronounced, follow the links and listen http://www.djette.com/promo/Jingle_Djette_J06 or http://www.djette.com/promo/Jingle_Djette_J07

Our official headquarters is located in Paris, France.