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VButterfly La Mariposa
VButterfly La Mariposa
"I have no special talents I am passionately curious" - Einstein
Added on Nov 4, 2015
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United States
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Can you say FEIRCE?
Can you say Bad Bitch?
then Lets hear you scream Vbutterfly La Mariposa!
She has her wings out and proud and she's ready to make the whole world dance!
Do you feel all the rules that control your daily life wearing you down?has the mundane of this black and white world made you feel like there was no way out? Well, my pretty babies... House Music!!! its a magical land where all the rules melt away and our inner boys and girls dance and play! and did I mention Dance!? I want to see you move, I want to touch you with my sound and penetrate your mind ;)

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