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Dj Nina Ly
Dj Nina Ly
Added on Feb 4, 2015
Tech House Deep House Electro House
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You wanna dance LET'S GO !
The first passion of Nina is dancing on Goooood music. So why did she started to mix? Her answer is to make people dance.
After 5 years spent in London dancing and attending the best dancefloors, her story started as a selector in La Rochelle, France.
Every late nights after work she sharpenned her dj skills until the beat kicks the song in.
Cheered on and noticed behind the turntables, she plays a music story in some of the best clubs in La Rochelle, and now for Café Costes in Paris, Ibiza SushiPoint, or the International fiction movie Festival, La Rochelle.

Her dj set swings from Deep House, to Teck House with catchy melodies. You will feel her passion and feelings towards the music.
But Watch out she has got some secret music weapons and others, the brown belt kung fu fighter won also the DJ Competition "LR MASTERS DJ House Electro" @ La Rochelle in 2012 and kept it in 2013.
Residency every month @ Groupe Costes, Paris, Champs Elysées
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Ivresse Exquiseby Nina Ly1:04:31

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