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Dj Geralda
Dj Geralda
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Techno Trance Breaks
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A young girl, who was performing under a name of DJ Geralda, became seriously involved into the club life in 2001. She made her debut at “Bolid” - the largest club in Perm at that moment. Eventually, her drive and talent helped her become an important figure in club culture of Russia. Being a popular and successful DJ, Geralda is always trying to preserve the origins of underground music in her sets, which are designed for all types of audiences, from clubby penthouses to dance floors of big clubs. DJ Geralda performed in all popular clubs of Perm, as well as in major clubs of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities in Russia and the “near-abroad” countries (Ukraine, Estonia, etc.). She took part in the music festival “KAZANTIP” in 2005, 2006, where she performed on dance floors “Main Arena”, “Puncho”, “Inside”, “Nemiroff” (Faberge); festival "MEHANIKA" in 2006, 2009 - 2013; open air "MEDNOE OZERO 2007"; rave "TECHNOSFERA" in 2008, 2010; "TECHNOPROM 2009"; "FUTURE FEST 2010"; "HARD GENERATION 2011", etc. Also Geralda was a headliner of numerous open-air and rave parties. In 2002 DJ Geralda debuted at radio station “Europe Plus”, which accounted for another burst of her popularity. In 2003-2005 DJ Geralda became a resident DJ at “Club 49”. Since 2005 Geralda is not only a resident DJ, but also a promoter and organizes a series of parties at club “Tochka”. In 2004 Geralda along with internet-cafe “K-77” and "House-Boutique" founded a DJ-class from which several generations of talented DJ’s have successfully graduated. This DJ-class, which exists 10 years and which was the school for more than 90 professional DJ’s, is considered the largest one in Perm. In 2006, DJ Geralda joined “Acilot-Booking”, which was founded by Ivan Nosikov, a St. Petersburg techno-DJ. In 2006 mass media seemed to take a keen interest in Geralda’s activity - provocative photo-shoots, up-front interviews in magazines and web-sites, shooting in “Direction for use” on channel TNT (Perm), etc. At the moment Geralda combines touring with work in studio, where she has spent more than 15 years. Her mixes can now be heard on russian radio stations in Moscow (Megapolis FM, Clubbery FM, GTI Radio, Night Music FM), Kaluga (Hit FM), Dubna (16Bit FM), Perm (Europa plus, Radio Motor, Flash radio), St. Petersburg (Emotions, MegaPort FM, Real FM), Novosibirsk (Dinamit FM), Orel (Love Music Radio), Sevastopol (Radio Estetika), Kiev (Radio Enter), Yekaterinburg (CK FM), etc. and "Raadio 2" (Tallinn, Estonia), "HardEnergy Radio" - "DaGood Radio" (Latvia), "Exemple Radio" (Gomel, Balarus), "DJ Control Radio" - "Weelsradio" (Bordeaux, France), "HardTerror Music Crew Radio" - "TechSound CZ Radio" (Brno, Czech republic), "Ministry of Sound Radio" - "Radio Sunshine-Live" - "Embassy One Radio" - "Pure FM" (Berlin, Germany), "DiFM" (Denver, USA), "Madzonegeneration" (Rome, Italy), etc. As for her inimitable live-sets, they can be heard at signature parties in club “Sphere” (2004-2007). In 2007 DJ Geralda has presented her most explosive and hard-line project “SynchroZap”. It features hard-techno, industrial techno, and schranz – you’ve never heard anything like this performed by a female DJ. This music is anything but habitual techno – “SynchroZap” is on the edge of dance music! There are a number of other events that shaped Geralda’s career in 2007. First of all, she was invited to Estonia, where Geralda played her first set abroad. She was named one of headliners, along with such club guru as Adam Beyer (SE), Atomic Hooligan (UK), Krust (UK), Felipe (AU), Calyx (UK), Jody Wisternoff / Way Out West (UK), Phace (DE), The Rogue Element (UK), MC Stamina (UK), The Upbeats (NZ), Drumattic Twins (UK), Genki (FI), Heist (UK) and others. In addition, in 2007 DJ Geralda performed twice on Main Arena (dance floor “Battery”) of the 10th annual open-air festival of electro music in Russia. This festival “Mednoe Ozero” (Brazen Lake) was held in St. Petersburg and was organized by a promotion group “Mednoe Ozero” and “Counterforce” company. “Mednoe Ozero 2007” represented 600 meters of take-off strip, which hosted 24 dance floors and more than 300 DJ’s! Eventually, the latitude of Geralda’s performances expanded. New cities appear on her tour schedule every weekend: Tallinn, Kirov, Ufa, Dubna, Oktyabr’skyi, Ivanteevka, Tambov, Kronshtadt, Zarechny, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, etc. DJ Geralda would not stop here: starting in 2007, she becomes a producer for young DJ’s, which allows the most talented ones to access diverse spheres of club industry. In 2008 DJ Geralda was playing on the main stage of the international electronic music festival "Technosfera 2008“ in Crimea. This event was managed by "Mechanizm Community“ & "Hardline 77“ - there were almost all stars of Russian techno-scene and DJ Geralda was the one and only DJ girl on the stage playing hard techno and schranz. She occupies 7th place in "TOP DJ AWARDS 2008" in a nomination "The best Techno-DJ" of Russia. In 2009 DJ Geralda was invited to the "Ministry of Sound Radio" on "Radio Sunshine-Live" (Germany, Berlin). Unrivaled skills of DJing, the ability to emote the clubbers and to perform at unthinkable speed (160-220 bpm) – all this brought DJ Geralda immediate fame. Her favorite music is hard-techno, schranz, frenchcore, industrial-hardcore and turntablism. She's the 1st DJ-Girl of Russia, who started to play the hardest styles of techno music. She’s the most popular DJ of Perm underground scene. No matter whether Geralda’s performing calm or hard music, on a dance floor or in a chill-out, she’s always very creative. This is her carte-de-visite, her identity. She’s the sharpest DJ in Perm. All her performances are marked by a designer show led by musical frenzy. A bright image and absolute DJing skills helped Geralda charm Perm clubbers and take a leap on the Russian scene. DJ Geralda is the one who has a pictorial musical style and feminine technique of performance. However, she does not fully reveal her recipe for success. It’s not very easy to define her musical style because Geralda loves to experiment with sound. Her first set “Expression” gained recognition among the amateurs of electro music, as well as among the gourmets of dance-music Budai & Vic (Egoist Records), and it also made an impression on music critics. DJ Geralda loves her job and never leaves the system: she’s never too busy to communicate with the clubbers. DJ Geralda says: “The best compliment I can receive is when people come up to me and say that I was so good at the party that they want to keep working with me”.
Title Name Duration
DJ Geralda - Just Enjoy!Just Enjoy!1:07:46 Buy
DJ Geralda - InfernoInferno1:39:59 Buy
DJ Geralda - One day in Monte-CarloOne day in Monte-Carlo1:17:41 Buy
DJ Geralda - Cala VadellaCala Vadella1:23:54 Buy
DJ Geralda - You & MeYou & Me1:19:49 Buy
DJ Geralda - AvantgardeAvantgarde58:28 Buy
DJ Geralda - ProtectProtect58:42 Buy
DJ Geralda - My SoulMy Soul58:44 Buy
DJ Geralda - Sub specie aeternitatisSub specie aeternitatis1:17:06 Buy
DJ Geralda - Be free...Be free...57:59 Buy
DJ Geralda - Dutch LadyDutch Lady1:04:37 Buy
DJ Geralda - MassiveMassive1:02:44 Buy
DJ Geralda - Urban Art-LineUrban Art-Line1:00:01 Buy
DJ Geralda - PeoplePeople1:08:14 Buy
DJ Geralda - Fuckin beat!Fuckin beat!1:06:32 Buy
DJ Geralda - HypnoseHypnose1:31:19 Buy
DJ Geralda - My Number 13My Number 131:02:15 Buy
DJ Geralda - Femme fataleFemme fatale1:11:09 Buy
DJ Geralda - ArtefactArtefact1:26:11 Buy
DJ Geralda - SynhroZapSynhroZap1:19:21 Buy
DJ Geralda - EE1:37:18 Buy
DJ Geralda - SensationsSensations1:30:32 Buy
DJ Geralda - Breaks Live @ Lime - part 2B'Night - Breaks Live @ Lime - part 232:49 Buy
DJ Geralda - Breaks Live @ Lime - part 1B'Night - Breaks Live @ Lime - part 152:10 Buy
DJ Geralda - Prime TimePrime Time1:14:30 Buy
DJ Geralda - Z' Games 2005Z' Games 20051:18:51 Buy
DJ Geralda - Speed MasterSpeed Master1:04:22 Buy
DJ Geralda - Digital Effects ModuleDigital Effects Module1:05:05 Buy

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